As a former parks commissioner I am honoured to endorse Aaron Jasper as a candidate for the Park Board. Aaron is one of the hardest working, best informed and compassionate community activists in Vancouver. Everything from helping address homelessness to greening our laneways and creating safer, more sustainable environments, motivates Aaron. As a commissioner I know he will continue his efforts to make Vancouver a liveable city for all. – Dermot Foley, COPE Park Commissioner 1990-1993

Aaron Jasper has been an exemplary community leader in tirelessly bringing issues from the periphery, in to mainstream political discussion in Vancouver. Now, more than ever, we need his voice in elected office to ensure there is a citizen’s agenda being carried out.
-Am Johal, Vision Vancouver Board Member, Impact on Communities Coalition Board Member

I am honoured to endorse Aaron Jasper as a Vision Vancouver nominee for Park Board. Aaron exemplifies the kind of leadership that we need in this city. He has hands on experience with collaborative, win/win solutions. He knows that we need to focus on social and environmental sustainability. And he is committed to proactively seeking the input of everyone in our community. – Deb Abbey, founder and former CEO of the first investment firm in Canada to focus entirely on sustainable investment.

I have known Aaron Jasper for several years now as a friend and as a neighbour. I’ve witnessed his community work in political campaigns and neighbourhood projects and can only describe his participation as being thoughtful, diligent and completely professional. He is passionate and dedicated to the causes which he embraces and is democratic and conciliatory in his methods. I have no hesitation whatsoever in supporting Aaron Jasper in his endeavor to pursue a position as Commissioner for the Vancouver Park Board. – Tiko Kerr, Artist/Activist

Aaron has strong roots in the community and has had his “metal tested” as an organizer. Aaron can connect with various communities including youth, business people and activists. – Cathy Bray & Annette Aarbo, West End Residents

I am very happy to support Aaron Jasper’s run for the Park Board nomination with Vision. Aaron is a dedicated, experienced, and thoughtful advocate; the Park Board and all Vancouverites would certainly benefit by his nomination and election. – David Eby, Lawyer/Housing Advocate/Vision Vancouver nomination candidate for council

I am very pleased to endorse Aaron Jasper as a Park Board candidate for Vision Vancouver. We need someone who is going to stand up for our parks and recreation system in our city and is going to ensure that they remain vibrant, healthy, public and accessible to all. I believe Aaron is this person. He is a true Vancouverite who has a proven record of working on issues and campaigns for the betterment of residents, neighborhoods and our city. Paul Faoro, President CUPE Local 15

When I was evicted, I turned to Aaron Jasper, with the West End Residents Association for assistance. Aaron was there for the tenants in my building. He provided inspiration and direction to us as we went through a difficult ordeal. Aaron’s dedication and tireless efforts to make Vancouver a better place to live truly impresses me. Sharon Isaak, Renters at Risk Campaign

Over the past three years I have participated closely with Aaron with the West End Residents Association and I can say that Aaron is deeply committed to advocating for the West End. Aaron is a strong voice for our community. But Aaron has not just been a passionate advocate for the community he has also demonstrated an ability to help others to have voice and share their concerns. It is rare thing to see a person be so involved in his community as Aaron has been, but even more of a rarity is someone who tries help others find their place in the community and lead them to find how they can participate in the community. Brent Granby, President West End Residents Association

I know Aaron Jasper to be a man of the highest personal and political integrity. Aaron is seeking election to the Vancouver Parks Board for all the right reasons. Les Brown

Aaron is a superb candidate for Park Board. He works hard, listens well and knows Vancouver and its people. As an active member of the environmental movement, I have no hesitation in supporting Aaron. Dan Rogers, Past President SPEC

I wholeheartedly endorse Aaron Jasper’s quest for a seat on the Vancouver Park’s Board. I have worked with Aaron on several community projects including The West End Community Policing Board, the Integrated Neighbourhood Network and the revisioning process with Nelson Park. Aaron is a community based, hard working, clear thinking individual who firmly believes in the power of community and the importance of all people having a voice in community decision making. I believe that Vision Vancouver has the initiative to change politics in Vancouver and to improve our City in innumerable ways, Aaron Jasper is the exact person who will fit in with this exciting, forward looking group of people. Jim Deva, Co-owner, Little Sister’s Bookstore

I am thrilled to see Aaron Jasper standing for park board nomination! Aaron has been a tireless worker and advocate for the community in the West End. He has a great capacity for bringing people together and solving problems. And when he is elected to the Vancouver Parks Board he will accomplish the same for all the citizens of Vancouver. – Allison McDonald Past Chair, King George Secondary PAC

I heartily endorse Aaron Jasper as a candidate for the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation. Aaron is a tireless campaigner for a better city for everyone. He has worked hard to become well informed on issues of concern to Vancouverites. These include, amongst many others, trying to improve housing conditions for low and moderate income residents to promoting the greening of our city through various means including public participation in park redesign and greening our lanes. Aaron would be an excellent choice for civic office as his vast reserves of positive energy will help make Vancouver a safer, greener more inclusive city to live in. Blair Petrie, Housing Advocate

I have known Aaron for several years as a fellow director of the West End Residents Association. Aaron has volunteered more of his personal time to community service than anyone else I know. The citizens of the City of Vancouver will be very fortunate to have Aaron Jasper representing us on the Parks Board. We need more people like Aaron running for public office: intelligent people with a sincere commitment to public service that rises above party politics. That is why I am supporting Aaron’s bid to secure a Vision Vancouver candidacy for Parks Board in the next municipal election. – Carol Reardon, Director of the West End Residents Association, former Vancouver Board of Variance member

I endorse Aaron Jasper for Parks Board because of his long time community activism in the west end. He is a staunch supporter of protecting our green spaces throughout the city and he would be great asset to the City of Vancouver. His enthusiasm and hard working ethic is very apparent in all the work he does from Save St Paul’s Hospital, WERA, West End Integrated Neighbourhood Network and the Renters at Risk campaign proves and shows he is he has a social conscious that the Parks Board desperately needs. – Raigen D’Angelo, Community Activist

Aaron is exactly the kind of considerate yet determined person we need right now to ensure that Vancouver’s future is not only sustainable but that it serves the best interests of all its citizens. – Bill McMichael, Neighbourhood Advocate

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