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Aaron’s Campaign Launch

Aaron’s launch into civic politics was covered by the The Vancouver Courier. Here’s what they said about Aaron’s contributions to our community.

Jasper has a long history of community activism in the West End and, besides volunteering with WERA, is a founding member of the West End Integrated Neighbourhood Network. Jasper also works with groups such as Renters at Risk and Save St. Paul’s Hospital. He was instrumental in having community gardens included in the redevelopment of Nelson Park, helped organize the West End’s first Car Free Festival and is working on the West End greenways project.

Parks board wannabes launch bids

Vancouver Courier | Sandra Thomas | Friday, July 18, 2008


Aaron’s move to Vision Vancouver was reported by the Westender.

Aaron Jasper, a longtime director of the West End Residents Association, made a bold political move this week when he dropped his COPE membership and joined Vision Vancouver. “It was to get on Gregor Robertson’s team,” says Jasper of his decision. “He is the only person coming forward for the Vision mayoralty race that really would be able to unite all the progressives in Vancouver.”

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The Westender | Jackie Wong | May 15, 2008


Aaron Jasper honored with tribute for contribution to community.

Aaron Jasper is a long time resident of Vancouver’s West End. He has contributed to the quality of life for Vancouver in so many ways. In February 2007, Vancouverites voted Aaron an “unsung hero” with the following tribute.

If there’s a committee or a meeting going on in the West End, you can bet that Aaron Jasper is a part of it. The director of the West End Residents Association sits on just about every board in the neighbourhood, and has worked tirelessly on local issues such as protecting affordable housing, the redevelopment of Nelson Park, and the bid to save St. Paul’s Hospital. Monday night meetings are about as boring as life gets, but Jasper’s commitment to the community has helped make the West End a better place for everyone.

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– The Westender | February 2007


Opening Nelson Park

Aaron played an active role in the redevelopment of Nelson Park.

Nelson Park Makeover Finally Underway

The Westender | Magda Ibrahim | May 24, 2007

Petition Campaign Draws Attention to Need for Washroom in Nelson Park

The Westender | Jackie Wong | June 12, 2008


English Bay Bistro

Aaron has a strong commitment to protecting public assets for community benefit. He has voiced concern over the English Bay Bistro plan. His comments include this quote from the Westender:

“Our attitude is that the parks board is minding the shop,” says Jasper. “Those are our parks and our beaches, and if you want to make alternations and do some renovations, then you had better run it by the landlord first.”

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The Westender | Sean Condon | January 25, 2008


Green Way Project

Aaron played an important role in organizing a local greenway project behind the West End Community Centre.

West End gets behind walkway enhancement plan

The Westender | Jackie Wong | June 19, 2008


Renters at Risk Campaign

Aaron has been actively involved in the Renters at Risk Coalition .

“When I was evicted, I turned to Aaron Jasper, with the West End Residents Association, for assistance. Aaron was there for my building. He provided inspiration and direction to us as we went through a difficult ordeal.”

– Sharon Isaak, Renters at Risk Campaign

Fewer residential-tenancy offices and more disputes mean it takes a long time to get to the front of the line

The Georgia Straight | Carlito Pablo | February 1, 2007


2007 Civic Strike

During the 2007 municipal strike Aaron, reporters contacted him for his views on volunteers cleaning west end beaches after the fireworks.

“As a resident, this is my backyard . . . so I applaud their motivation,” he said. “I assume it was just them doing their part . . . and caring about the city.

“But perhaps what they also need to do . . . is get on the phone . . . and call the mayor, say, ‘you know what, we were happy to do it, but this is a job that should be done by union workers, and we respect the fact that that’s their job, and we really think you should get back to the table so these guys can get back to work and do this job properly.”

– Aaron Jasper

Union criticizes beach volunteers – Boss of striking CUPE local says cleanup should be left for city managers

The Province | Kate Webb | Friday, July 27, 2007


Save St. Paul’s Coalition

Aaron was a founding member of the Save St. Paul’s Hospital Coalition. He has contributed hours of time organizing events and ensuring that Vancouver residents have their voices heard on the planned relocation of hospital services.

Downtown Vancouver hospital move draws fire

CBC News Monday | April 2, 2007

Move of St. Paul’s a done deal, says critic

The Vancouver Province | Kent Spencer | April 2, 2007

Public Forum Spotlights Ongoing Concern for St. Paul’s

Westender | Magda Ibrahim | April 5, 2007

Saving St. Paul’s

The Georgia Straight | Matthew Burrows | October 27, 2005


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